Month: November 2019

Honoring the Legacy of Civil Rights Leader Albert Anderson Raby

Al The Photographer

A Young Kathy Raby, Daughter of Al.  Carol Maynard of Maynard Photographers, taught Al how to shoot and process film. He was hired at the tinder age of 16 to work in a couple of night clubs to take pictures at the Club De Lisa and the Beige Room of the Pershing Hotel. Did he…
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James McCosh Elementary School, 6543 S. Champlain

James McCosh Elementary School, 6543 S. Champlain Albert attended grammar school from first grade to sixth grade at James McCosh Elementary School, located at 6543 S. Champlain. It has since changed the name to Emmett Till Math & Science Academy. These had to be exciting times. Were you in attendance at McCosh during these formative…
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Fort Lewis, Military Base

United States of America’s Flag Albert Anderson Raby served our country in the Armed Forces in Fort Lewis, Military Base at the age of 21 years of age. He was a corporal looking to get into the School of Leadership to develop skills he knew he already possessed. Did you know him at this time? …
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